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The Festival of Epiphany reveals to us who this Christ is that has incarnated himself among us.
There are two clear revelations that would have been startling for the first readers of Matthew’s Gospel. The first is that the Messiah has come inclusively – for all people: Jew and Gentile, Wealthy and Poor, Oppressed and Oppressor. This inclusivity is a significant aspect of the scandal of the Gospel.

The second revelation is the mind-bending truth that has traditionally been seen as reflected in the Wise Men’s gifts: This Child is Royalty (gold), Divinity (frankincense), and yet, also, self-giving Sacrifice (myrrh). All of these passages call us into praise for God’s inclusive incarnation!

We pray that we will be open to the epiphany (the insight, the revelation) of who this Christ child is that we have welcomed to our world in the Christmas season.

Of course, both revelations above are really one, and both offer us an awesome reason for worship and devotion to Jesus.

May our Epiphany worship be both revelatory and welcoming.

Blessings as we worship, adore and devote our lives in Christ! Rev Tania