May 23, 2022

MESSAGE – Sixth Sunday in Easter – C – 22 May 2022

MESSAGE – Sixth Sunday in Easter – C – 22 May 2022


An extension of the commandment to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Love is what unites believers with the Lord together with their faith.

JOHN 14:23-29:

  • Love is what unites believers with the Lord together with their faith. The Father in his grace comes to dwell in such a believer who in turn keeps (believes, confesses and obeys) the words of Christ.
  • Jesus will come to make his home – abide – this is what the resurrection means. Jesus will provide an abiding place – ascension – making a home with us.
  • The affirmation of an ongoing relationship between Jesus and God, that looking around looks like it is in jeopardy. The resurrection is a step to loving them to the end and making that abiding place between Jesus and God.
  • Christ promised the disciples that the Spirit sent from the Father in his name would continue the leadership he had given during his earthly ministry. Their love would weather his absence because of their faith in his destination and return.
  • What is Life like after JESUS leaves? Jesus promises The Holy Spirit
  • Jesus first appearance to the disciples in the locked room – Peace be with you!
  • How does the statement that Jesus will be leaving but his peace he gives to us and leaves with us? How do you think that landed on the disciples?
  • Hearing Peace in the midst of trouble – do not let your hearts be troubled.
  • How does peace feel, look like, sound like here? This isn’t the world’s peace.

ACTS 16:9-15:

  • Paul and his helpers had been prevented by the Spirit from going further into Asia and Bithynia with his intended journey.
  • The vision of an appeal from a man from Macedonia now took them and the gospel onto the European continent for the first time.
  • Philippi appeared to present little encouragement as apparently there were not enough Jewish men there to open a synagogue.
  • The gospel found response, though, in the businesswoman, Lydia, and among a small group of women meeting with her by the river.
  • God’s direction of the gospel to Philippi resulted in a church which grew there.
  • This act of hospitality when hearts were opened and her whole household was baptised she urged them to stay.

REVELATION 21:10,22 – 22:5:

  • The promise of the gracious presence of God.
  • This is where abundant life is.
  • It looks like a city. There is life and it is made possible through the lamb of God.
  • God’s presence is filling all the dark places with the fullness of life.
  • This turns us back to the story of creation – the river – the promise of God from creation to creation through the redemption of Jesus.
  • The Garden to the City.
  • God’s promise is not place – it is presence.
  • Once again the heavenly Jerusalem comes down in John’s vision. Heaven is here depicted as a place of light. God is its light. Therefore sin and shame are excluded and life is complete and perfect. John sees both leadership and populace bringing only honour and glory into the holy city, with no dark deeds anymore to contaminate it. God’s purpose for humankind is now fulfilled. The river providing water of life and the tree of life and healing symbolise the constant energy and purity emanating from God to its occupants. The Lamb occupies the throne together with God.
  • True hospitality- the fullness of the presence of God.