April 2, 2024

MESSAGE – Easter Day – Year B – Sunday 31 March 2024

MESSAGE – Easter Day – Year B – Sunday 31 March 2024

THEMES: The Power of the Cross:

Resurrection—new life! This is the heart of the Christian message and what we are always called to witness to.

This is the hope we have in Jesus being with us and going ahead of us. Death is stripped of it’s power and there is nothing that we can endure, no place that we can go that Jesus isn’t already there.

This speaks to us of the Easter perspective that wherever death takes us, wherever life takes us, wherever resurrection takes us, Jesus is there. This is powerful and our future promise of faith that is not located in the future resurrection (when we die to this life) but the future promise of wherever we go in our life of faith that Jesus is with us and waiting for us.

On this glorious day of Resurrection, we celebrate God’s steadfast love, God conquering fear and death, and the fact that this message is for everyone.

With Paul and Peter, this day is a chance to affirm the basis of our beliefs.

We need also to recover that sense of grief and despair that brings Mary to the garden to fully understand and participate in the astonishment and joy at finding her beloved, risen from the dead.

This possibility of encountering the Risen Christ is there for all of us to experience.

It is this active, risen presence that we hope to reflect and experience in our Easter services.


  • It’s not just a symbol, but a reminder of sacrifice and redemption.
  • Represents love, forgiveness, and hope in the face of adversity.
  • Demonstrates that even in our darkest moments, there’s potential for transformation and renewal.
  • Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection:
  • His life exemplified compassion, humility, and selflessness.
  • His death showed the depth of his love for humanity, willing to bear our burdens.
  • His resurrection symbolizes victory over sin and death, offering eternal life to believers.
  • Importance in Modern Life:
  • Offers solace and strength in times of uncertainty and struggle.
  • Provides a moral compass for navigating complex ethical dilemmas.
  • Inspires us to live with purpose, kindness, and forgiveness in a chaotic world.

The Easter event of Jesus’ death and resurrection holds immense importance for our lives today for several reasons:

  1. Redemption and Forgiveness: It signifies the ultimate act of love and sacrifice, offering redemption and forgiveness for our sins, allowing us to reconcile with God and experience spiritual renewal.
  2. Hope and Assurance: Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates victory over death, offering hope and assurance of eternal life for believers, even in the face of life’s challenges and uncertainties.
  3. Meaning and Purpose: It provides a profound sense of meaning and purpose to life, reminding us of our identity as beloved children of God and motivating us to live in accordance with His teachings.
  4. Transformation and Empowerment: The resurrection empowers believers to overcome fear, doubt, and despair, inspiring transformation and growth towards becoming better individuals and contributing positively to the world.
  5. Community and Fellowship: Easter fosters a sense of community and fellowship among believers, uniting them in celebration of their shared faith and providing support and encouragement to one another.


Overall, the Easter event of Jesus’ death and resurrection offers spiritual significance, hope, and guidance for navigating life’s journey with faith and purpose.