August 15, 2023

MESSAGE – Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost – A – 13 August 2023

MESSAGE – Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost – A – 13 August 2023

THEME: Anglicare Sunday

In the Gospel: No matter how strong the storm, how threatening the waves, Jesus calls us to trust in his love and mercy. Rejoice in his goodness; rely on his power in all things. Last Sunday we heard in the feeding of the 5000 to rely on God to meet all our needs.

God of mysterious ways, you take our fears and turn them into triumphs. You remind us that you are always with us and that we do not need to fear the wind and waves of life. Encourage us to step out of the boat; to come across these difficulties to your redeeming and transforming love. Give us courage and strength, joy, and peace for all the times ahead.

Anglicare is an agency that helps walk alongside and meet the needs of people.

Sunday 13 August 2023 was designated at the recent Synod as “Anglicare Sunday” in our Diocese. This day is a wonderful opportunity for parishes and other faith communities to acknowledge, celebrate and pray for the work of Anglicare Southern Queensland.

Anglicare Southern Queensland is the service arm of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland. With the wider Diocese, we participate in God’s mission in the world and walk alongside those in need. Our vision is to create a more loving, just and inclusive society, reflecting the life and teachings of Christ.

Our story began more than 150 years ago, with the pioneering spirit of five women who founded the Female and Infants Refuge in Ann Street, Brisbane. From those humble beginnings, our commitment to the most vulnerable in our community now extends to one in 30 Queenslanders.

Anglicare Southern Queensland is dedicated to walking alongside people in our community who have need, offering:

  • residential aged care
  • in-home care
  • mental health support
  • youth programs
  • care for those escaping domestic and family violence and homelessness
  • foster care
  • family services.

Through the provision of this care, and by advocating for the most vulnerable in our community, Anglicare works to create a more loving, just and inclusive society.

Clients are at the very heart of our work. Over the last financial year, we supported:

  • 800 aged care residents
  • 32,062 elderly people in their homes
  • 11,841 children, youth and families.

Anglicare Southern Queensland continues to celebrate the Anglican faith and the spirit of the Gospel in how we offer care and service. The Mission, Research and Advocacy team embraces our relationship with the Church to deliver additional emotional, pastoral and spiritual support to all our people, including our clients.

The majority of Anglicare’s programs are Government funded. However, there are activities that Anglicare engages in that are not funded in this way, but are undertaken as missional priorities. Youth homelessness is a particular priority. Over the next three years, Anglicare is expecting to see a rise in homelessness due to cost-of-living pressures. This will particularly impact young people.

A Prayer for Anglicare Australia

God of Life-Giving Creation, You call us to act justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with you. We pray for the member organisations of Anglicare Australia working across this vast and ancient land. Enable us as we strive to meet human need through loving service and to build communities of resilience, hope and justice. Encourage us to work in mutual partnership to effect positive change. Empower the people we serve to reach their full potential, especially those who experience disadvantage and injustice. Guide us in our advocacy for social justice and strengthen our determination to respond with compassion. Remind us to care for ourselves and each other as we face the challenges of our work, and as we seek reconciliation, healing and community transformation. All this we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our servant leader and friend. Amen.