March 26, 2023

MESSAGE – Fifth Sunday in Lent – A – 26 March 2023

MESSAGE – Fifth Sunday in Lent – A – 26 March 2023

Rev Tania writes: The readings for Lent 5 are a prophecy. In this last week of Lent, as we prepare to move into Holy Week, we are given a prophecy of the resurrection to come for Christ. But, before Jesus can get to the glory, there is a lot of suffering and sacrifice to be endured.

Through Lent we have been called to journey with Jesus, to learn the steps of God’s life giving movement, and we are not stopping now. It’s a challenging call, but, if we are to join Christ in his resurrection, we must also journey with him through the cross. Yet, even as we face the struggles and sacrifices of following Jesus, we will always find these moments of glory that sustain and strengthen us.

God’s people are given a vision of resurrection through Ezekiel. The Psalmist recognises God’s grace, mercy and rescue, and Paul proclaims that God’s Spirit gives us life in our whole being. John’s Gospel, also in a prophetic narrative, describes the raising of Lazarus, and demonstrates that Jesus is the one in whom life and resurrection are found. So, as we prepare our hearts for the coming journey through Jesus’ passion, we are reminded in advance that death does not have the last word, and that resurrection is promised and experienced in the midst of pain, threat and death. Jesus does not shy away from the threat of death, but offers himself as the one who brings life, even though he will ultimately die. And, yet, there is the hope, proclaimed even by Jesus himself, that he, as the forerunner, will be raised, assuring us that our resurrection is also certain. It’s a celebratory theme this week, but also a challenge not to shy away from the forces of death and evil, but to confront them – in ourselves and in our world – in the hope of resurrection. May our hearts be strengthened and prepared, and may we embrace both the glory and the sacrifice of our faith as we worship this week.

Blessings as we grow in our identity into Christ and our relationship with our merciful God. In prayer, Rev Tania