January 16, 2023

MESSAGE – Second Sunday after Epiphany – A – 15 January 2023

MESSAGE – Second Sunday after Epiphany – A – 15 January 2023

MESSAGE: 15 January 2023

THEME: See, hear and know Jesus

Come and see – watch – look – listen up! 

Being witnesses – News always interviews people for the eyewitness account.

How do we eyewitness to Jesus? John the Baptist witnessed beautifully in today’s Gospel. So can we. 

Answering the call to follow the Lamb of God, as Jesus’ disciples did, is a daily decision made in the little details of how much we consume, what and how we buy, what we drive, where we live, what we eat, how we use energy, how we work, how we treat others and how we care for ourselves. Many of these decisions result in sacrifices that we would probably prefer to avoid. At its heart discipleship is about recognising that our faith is not an individual journey but is connected into community. Our choice to sacrifice or not impacts others in our churches, neighbourhoods and world, and so we find that as we follow Christ, we are brought face to face with others, and the impact of our choices and lifestyle on them.

To make the sacrificial changes that will lead to a world of peace, justice and love – the world that Jesus proclaimed – we need resources beyond ourselves. For this it takes both the recognition that the Christ we follow is the Lamb of God who calls us to take up our crosses, and an openness to receive the “baptism in the Holy Spirit” – the transforming, empowering encounter with God – that John said Jesus would offer.

LAMB OF GOD We have a Good Shepherd in the Bible, and His name is Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, we see a lot of stories about lambs. One, in particular, is of the lamb being a sacrifice. It was an offering people would give to have their sins forgiven. They would lay their hands on a lamb and place their sin upon it, offer it to God, and pray, “This is the payment for my sins.”

The good news is that we no longer live in Old Testament times. Through this plan, we will see that we are the sheep, but we have a Good Shepherd. Jesus Christ is not only our Shepherd but the Lamb of God. He was slain for our sins. You and I now are able to put our sins on the cross because He paid for them with His life. He is the sacrificial Lamb.

In the book of John, it says that John referred to Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He could have said many different things. He could have said, “Here is the Messiah!” or “Here is the Prophet!” But he didn’t. If we are going to truly be followers of Jesus Christ, and if we want to understand Christianity, we have to believe that He is the Lamb of God.

Today, let us be thankful and grateful for Jesus Christ being the Lamb of God. You no longer have to sacrifice an animal, because His life paid for your past, present, and future sins.


If you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, your sin has been taken away. Your sin is removed. It is not covered up; it is forgiven and forgotten.

A holy God must acknowledge sin. We have sinned before an eternal, holy God, yet He makes a way for our restitution. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the Lamb of God. Jesus was not a lamb to cover up sin at a festival, He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Isn’t that an amazing thought, that God takes away your sin through Jesus Christ?

This verb of “taking away” means bearing off, getting rid of, or carrying away. Your sins are wiped away. They are gone.

What I like best is that “takes away” is a present tense verb with a future force. It is present tense. Jesus immediately takes away your sin when you place your faith and trust in Him. He takes it away.

The verb also has a future force, meaning it is compelling us now to be followers of Jesus Christ because He has forgiven our sin.

Since Jesus has forgiven our sin, now righteousness, obedience, and holiness are a part of our new nature. You are given a new nature. You want to follow and respond to Him. You want to know the Bible. You want to worship. You want to trust in Him because He has taken away your sin and placed in you a new heart.

JESUS ASKS: What are you looking for? What are we looking for? For security, for peace, for purpose ………… Jesus invites us to come and see. Come and see his love in action and do likewise.

Almighty God, whose Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, is the light of the world: may your people, illumined by your word and sacraments, shine with the radiance of his glory, that he may be known, worshipped, and obeyed to the ends of the earth; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.