July 18, 2023

MESSAGE – Seventh Sunday After Pentecost – A – 16 July 2023

MESSAGE – Seventh Sunday After Pentecost – A – 16 July 2023

Rev Tania writes:

Two ideas that come together in this week’s readings are God’s Word and God’s Life – both of which are experienced through God’s Spirit.

In Genesis, God’s word about the wrestling twins is seen to be true as their relationship works itself out as the two boys grow into men. God’s Word is proclaimed as reliable and able to accomplish its purpose, which is also celebrated in Psalm 119.

In Romans, God’s life is experienced through God’s Spirit who is available to us through Christ – the Word of God.

Finally, in the Gospel, Jesus speaks about the word of God as seed that is scattered and that fails to produce in various soils that are not optimal, but that, in good soil, provides abundance.

At its heart, the Lectionary seeks to invite us this week to open our hearts to God’s Spirit, to receive God’s word and to embrace the abundant life that God seeks to give us.

May your Word live in us, and bear much fruit to your Glory! Amen.

Blessings as we seek to take, learn, live and be transformed by God’s reign in Christ. Rev Tania