February 9, 2023

MESSAGE – Sixth Sunday after Epiphany – A – 12 February 2023

MESSAGE – Sixth Sunday after Epiphany – A – 12 February 2023

Not surprisingly, there is a clear development this week from last week’s  readings.

This week the Lectionary continues with the Sermon on the Mount, and with an examination of what true spirituality looks like.

Both Paul and Jesus try to engage with us in their teaching. For Paul it’s about growing into a spiritual maturity that no longer needs competitive factions to feel secure and “righteous”. Paul calls the Corinthians to recognise that all of God’s servants are just that – people doing a job for God’s reign. What is important is not aligning oneself with particular people, leaders or ideas, but following God’s constant work of growth into becoming a true Christ-follower.

For Christ, faithful and true spirituality is not about ticking off a few laws in a box of obedience, but is doing the work of the heart, of checking the real impact of who we are and how this works out in what we do and in our relationships. It is embracing the quest to reflect God’s grace, God’s goodness and God’s integrity that is the heart of this week’s call. Law is easy, and does not transform.

Living with a God-formed integrity of heart, speech and action is what truly saves.

May our worship capture and transform our hearts, so that we become true reflections of Christ in the world.