June 6, 2023

MESSAGE – Trinity Sunday – A – 4 June 2023

MESSAGE – Trinity Sunday – A – 4 June 2023


tune of Frère Jacques
God the Creator, God the Creator,
God the Son, God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit, God the Holy Spirit,
Three in One, Three in One.

Experience and encounter. When we express our experience and encounter of God and then we name God as we have experienced God.


In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus sends his disciples into the world in God’s three-part name. They are to do the work of God, who created and cares for the world; of Jesus, who loved and forgave us; and of the Holy Spirit, who is working to make the world the wonderful place God intended that it be. God, the Trinity, invites us into the mystery of creativity, saving and enabling. Amen!


We are invited into the mystery of the Trinity.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit tell us who God is.
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer tells us of what God does.

The texts today are not about working out who God is – aha – the early church has worked it out.
Our encounters with the Trinity is our human experience to search for God and be encountered with God.
Our experiences of God help us to try and understand God a bit more and to try and understand how God is working and what God is up to in the world.
How is that we know God and how is God revealed and what difference that makes.

The relationship between God and God’s people. God is compassionate and slow to anger.

Grace, love and communion.

Trinity – not just a knowing of God. What difference does that make to our lives? It moves us into the world and reinforces God’s creativity and how we experience God.

The Trinity is connected to mission.