November 30, 2019

Sermon Notes for Sunday the 1st. December 2019. (Advent 1)

Sermon Notes for Sunday the 1st. December 2019. (Advent 1)

Bible Readings.

Isaiah 2:1-5. A prophecy of the days when all people will seek to learn God’s ways,and God will teach them justice and peace; and an invitation to walk in God’s light.

Psalm 122. A song of celebration for Jerusalem, the place of worship, the place where God’s people are taught and led by God, and a place for which the Psalmist prays prosperity and peace.

Romans 13:9-14. Believing in the soon coming of God’s day of salvation, Paul encourages the believers to live lives of morality, peace and modesty.

Matthew 24:36-44. Because we do not know the day or time when Christ will come, Jesus encourages the believers to be ready at all times.

Rev Tania  writes:

And so the Lectionary Cycle begins again. This is always an exciting and moving time, as we prepare ourselves for the journey ahead, and begin to open our hearts to a new experience of transformation. Year A is, in a sense, a double beginning, because it starts not just a new year, but also the start of the three year cycle as well.

As is usual for this time of year, the Lectionary begins with our hope in Christ, the coming of God’s reign in Christ, and the challenge for us to live from this hope, remembering God’s comings in the past, recognising God’s comings now, and awaiting God’s comings into our future. Just this one day, if embraced mindfully and wholeheartedly, can change us forever.

In every reading, the promise of Christ’s coming is related back to how we live now – which is as it should be. Isaiah and Paul both invite us into a life lived in God’s light – a life of peace, justice and morality. The Psalmist encourages us to pray for peace, and to continue to gather for worship where God’s presence and ‘judgement’ are encountered. Finally, Jesus, encourages us to live in ‘readiness’ – always aware that Christ’s coming is immanent, and avoiding the temptation of growing absorbed in self-interest and personal pleasure (what Paul refers to as ‘wild parties’).

This week, let’s celebrate and open ourselves to the power of God’s gift of hope in Christ.

Blessings as we seek to know Christ and make Him known!  – Rev Tania