May 5, 2019

Sermon Notes for Sunday the 5th of May 2019.

Sermon Notes for Sunday the 5th of May 2019.

Bible Readings.

Acts 9:1-6. Saul travels to Damascus with the intention of arresting any followers of Jesus, but on the road, he is confronted with a vision of Christ that changes him into a disciple.
Psalm 30. The Psalmist experiences a time of great suffering, but experiences God’s deliverance, and commits to a life of praise and thanksgiving.
Revelation 5:6-14. The Lamb is worshipped by the creatures and elders around God’s throne, because he was slain, was victorious, and is worthy.
John 21:1-19. Peter is restored by Jesus at the breakfast on the beach, and then called, once again, to leadership and to follow Christ – even to death.

Rev Tania  writes:

This week the lectionary takes us from last week’s simple, but profound, proclamation of worship, as reflected in Thomas’s encounter with the Risen Christ, to the challenge of Easter, as reflected in Peter’s restoration and calling.

The Resurrection of Jesus is not just a historical event, or a source of praise and adoration. It is also the centre of God’s calling on each of us. We do not just receive God’s resurrection life, we live it. And we don’t just live Christ’s resurrection life, we also pass it on by embracing others with the love, grace, healing and compassion of Christ.

Calling is, perhaps, the word that most clearly reflects what the Scriptures seek to tell us this week – Saul’s conversion and call to be a follower (ultimately apostle) of Jesus, the psalmist’s rescue and commitment (calling) to live as a worshipper, the worship of the heavenly beings offered to the Lamb who faithfully fulfilled his calling to be slain and to conquer death and evil, and of course, Peter, forgiven for his denial, restored to leadership of the apostles, and called to follow Christ even to his death.

In response to this, the Lectionary invites us to hear the call which comes to us and our communities in Christ’s name – the call to worship, the call to be transformed into true followers of Jesus, and the call to minister to others in Christ’s name even to death. The resurrection life of Jesus, then, is not just a gift we receive, but is a gift which shapes how we live, and it is a gift we share with others as we seek to proclaim the Reign of God to the world.

May God renew our sense of call as we worship, this week.

Blessings of New Life this Easter Season,  Rev Tania